ADAM Audio S4X-V Active Studio Monitor (Midfield)

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Brand: Adam


German Handmade X-ART Tweeter
1x12“ and 1x6" Woofer (HexaCone)
Amp. Power RMS / Music: 800 W / 1150 W
Frequency Response: 28Hz - 50 kHz
Max. SPL Per Pair at 1 m: ≥128 dB


The S4X-V has been designed for vertical positioning and includes the same X-ART tweeter and 6″ Hexacone midrange driver found in the S4X-H. The resulting similarity in sonic characteristics allows combinations of different S4X versions in larger multi-channel applications. The S4X-V features one 12″ woofer alongside the 6“ HexaCone midrange unit made of the same material. This driver was specially designed to provide optimum results in a bass-reflex enclosure with electronic correction. The dynamic features of the S4X-V are exceptional throughout the entire frequency range: extreme transient-like noise events such as explosions or bursting material are reproduced with total realism.

A 250 Watt PWM amplifier drives the S4X-V’s midrange speaker while a 500 Watt PWM amp powers the woofer. The low heat generation of this technology guarantees highest reliability. Like the S4X-H, the S4X-V is designed for medium-sized studios, but its high power performance makes it absolutely capable of providing larger rooms with adequate levels. Because of their technical specifications which closely follow the recommendations of the IRT (German Institute for Broadcast Technology), their superior sound quality and high reliability, these monitors are particularly suitable for broadcast and TV applications but can also be found in numerous major recording studios.

Optional: External Amplifier Unit EA-SX

For the models S2X, S3X, S4X and S5X we offer the option of an external amp unit in order to make flush mounting of these monitors easier.

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